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COVID-19 Protocols

Infection Control Standard Operating Procedures (May 2020-COVID-19)

Hands must be washed/disinfected immediately upon entry into the office by all Doctors, staff and patients. Hands must be washed before and after direct patient contact by all Doctors and staff.

Hand sanitizer will be available to all patients and staff and located: front reception desk, staff work desks, lab, both Doctors exam rooms, diagnostic/ lunchroom.
PPE (face masks, face shields, gloves) are worn by all doctors and staff. Patients must enter the office wearing face masks.

Every device or appliance that patients contact must be disinfected before use by the next patient. High touch surfaces are cleaned frequently. The following is an extensive list pointing out all the possible touch points that a patient may encounter during an examination in our office:

  • Front door handle
  • Front coat rack
  • Reception desk counters and plexishield barriers
  • During pretesting (autorefractor, OCT instruments) and tabletop
  • Patient glasses on the lensometer
  • Optical/waiting and pretesting chairs
  • Door handles
  • Doctors exam rooms (occluders, reading card, phoropter, slit lamp microscope, tonometer, exam chair, desk, sink, faucet)
  • Doctor held equipment (penlights, lenses, BIO, light switches, desk, keyboard, phone, sink, faucet)
  • Trays to hold patient items (keys, glasses, wallet)
  • Visual fields instrument and tabletop
  • In the optical all frames touched and tried on, pupillometer and dispensing tabletop
  • Optical tools to adjust glasses
  • Merchant POS machine (Tap no contact available)
  • Pens
  • Bathroom sink, paper towel holder, door handle, toilet

All these direct contact areas will be disinfected thoroughly as required throughout the day after each patient and at the end of the day.

Disinfection Agents used are as follows as directed by the College of Optometrists: minimum 70% isopropyl alcohol spray and wipes, hydrogen peroxide, Clorox wipes, bleach solutions, detergents
All staff and doctors are trained in thorough disinfection procedures.

Professional commercial cleaners come into the office weekly for further deep cleaning.

Click here for additional cleaning precautions and schedule.

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